August 2008

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Name: Danny Combs

Age:  27

Town:  Nashville, TN

Hometown:  Asheville, NC

First guitar: 

A black Fender Stratocaster.


At what age did you start playing guitar and why?

I was 16 when I started playing guitar. My little brother had a guitar first and after giving his a go I was hooked. I started a band and was playing gigs within six months…


Early Influences:

Hands down my earliest influence was The Beatles.


First gig:

A local bar in Asheville, NC called the Cider House when I was 17.


Acoustic Guitars you own:

I’m a big fan of handmade guitars. Luthiers are some of my favorite people. I really admire their craft. I have a couple guitars…


Tony Vines “Colorado” parlor

Charles Hoffman Jumbo

David Webber 00

1961 Martin 00-18

c.1910 Stetson (nylon string)

David Webber Classical


Favorite Guitar:

My Tony Vines “Colorado” parlor is my favorite. Tony is a very talented craftsman and builds fantastic guitars. Mine has African Blackwood back and sides with an Italian/Alpine top. Every detail is stunning and the sound is HUGE with the best sustain I have ever heard. I absolutely love the tone of it. Tony’s also a great guitar player.


Your Style, and how you developed it:

Before I went to college, where I received my degree in classical guitar from Appalachian State University, I attended the Swannanoa Gathering where I was exposed to some of the most amazing people and players. Most them played acoustic fingerstyle. That was a big inspiration to me. I try very hard to pull from things I learned at Swannanoa and Appalachian. So, I’d like to think my style developed in my attempt to bridge classical and fingerstyle.


Practice Regimen:

I practice all the time. I feel like I’m only getting started and I’m constantly wanting to improve. There’s just so much learn!


Favorite Artist(s):

Oh man. I have a few... Nick Drake, Andrew York, Brian Setzer, The Beatles, Tom Petty, Sufjan Stevens, Leo Kottke, Laurence Juber, J.S. Bach, Leo Brouwer, and John Dowland are a few of my favorites.


Is there anything else you want people to know about you, your playing style or your views on today's music in general?

Let’s see…I’m a Christian. That’s a very important to me. My style is what I hear in my head…so I hope people like it! Honestly, I’m not a big fan of “popular” music today. Most things on MTV, VH1, etc, I don’t really care for. Although, sometimes I hear something I like. I love indie, folk, roots, classical, jazz, blues, and of course fingerstyle guitar music.


What are your immediate, short-term aspirations?

My wife and I are expecting our first child in January. So, at the top of my list is taking care of my family. I hope I’m able to keep doing that with music, because music is what I love. I hope to keep promoting my new album, “Guitar Out Front,” and keep teaching, writing guitar music, and to do well in Graduate School (which I start in September).


What do you do when you aren't playing guitar?

I love spending time with my amazing wife, Claire, and our two dogs, Gizmo and Dash. Oh, and, um, I’m a big video game fan…


What feeds you and pays the bills?

Playing, composing, and teaching music pays the bills.


And finally, what's the coolest (music-related) thing that has happened to you?

That’s easy, signing my record deal with Solid Air Records.  I’m so proud to be apart of such a great group of guitar players. It’s an honor and I’m very humbled to be on their roster.

Here's a tune called "On The Third Day",  Enjoy!

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To see more of Danny, check him out on  on YouTube.


And please visit his website www.dannycombs.com to learn more about Danny and his music.

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