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Artist of the Month for June 2003: Muriel Anderson

Name: Muriel Anderson
Town: Nashville TN
Hometown (if different from current town):Downers Grove IL
At what age did you start playing guitar? 8
First guitar:A nylon-string 3/4 size Decca guitar that belonged to a friend of the family.
Early Influences:
Fiddle tunes / folk songs, Doc Watson, Macedonian and Turkish folk music, Chet Atkins, Christopher Parkening and Andres Segovia, Bill Monroe, Pat Metheney, J.S. Bach, Vivaldi, bird calls, Piano music / ragtime, John Philip Sousa, Paul Winter consort

First gig:
Two Way Street Coffee House in Downers Grove, with Kim Koskela and Cathy Jones. We were paid $20 for the three of us for the night. We were so proud to be playing music and getting paid!

Acoustic Guitars you own:
Paul McGill classical, Kevin Ryan steel-string, Del Langejans harp-guitar, Larrivee gryphon model steel-string, Humphreys classical, John Crouch parlor guitar

Favorite Guitar:
Paul McGill classical

Your Style, and how you developed it:
Fingerstyle guitar music, without boundaries. My music is continually evolving, by listening and allowing the music to breathe.

Practice Regimen:
First I play my favorite piece, most often the one I'm in the process of writing. If I have enough time, I'll play something else after that.

Favorite Artist(s): (in no particular order) Phil Keaggy, Tommy Emmanuel, Doc Watson, Jean-Felix Lalanne, Stephen Bennett, Martin Taylor, Stanley Jordan and many other great guitarists...
Check out Muriel's website Muriel Anderson Online
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