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Artist of the Month for February 2004: Greg Meckes

Greg Meckes

Age: 35

Elma, NY

At what age did you start playing guitar?
13 or so. To be honest, I don't really remember exactly when I started. 2 of my older brothers always had guitars around so playing was always a matter of curiosity at first. I started taking electric guitar lessons and eventually developed some sort of sense about playing. As far as acoustic fingerstyle technique, I'm what you would call self-taught. I never had any formal training on fingerstyle technique, so I guess my style is a little unorthodox.

First guitar:
Gibson Thunderbird from pawn shop. I'm not sure what year it was. It had 2 missing tuning pegs but it played and sounded great. I eventually traded it for a PA system - something I always regretted.

Early Influences:
Steve Morse, Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen were my main influences at first. Since then there have been too many to mention. Steve Morse was always my 'main guy' and his overall musicianship was always a driving force for me to be a better musician myself. With him it's about music first, and his playing just happens to be overwhelming. At least that's how I always felt about it.

First gig:
A private party. I was never so nervous in my life. I was in a wedding type band and we did songs like John Cougar and Kenny Loggins.

Acoustic Guitars you own:
Taylor 314, an Ovation knockoff Applause

Favorite Guitar:
My favorite acoustic is my Taylor 314. I've never a guitar like it - even the better models. For some reason, this guitar is 'just right' for me. My favorite electric is my Hamer Chapparal. It's pretty beat up and has a 'classic 80's rock' look, but it has become my favorite playing guitar. I also own 2 Fender strats, another Hamer, and a 'parts' guitar.

Your Style, and how you developed it:
My acoustic style is fingerstyle. I guess it developed from writing music. My first composition on acoustic was more of an exploration of the music, and my 'technique' just kind of followed along with it. I would find myself plucking through chords to find sounds and textures, and my technique just grew with it.

Practice Regimen:
In my early years, I would practice every day for a few hours playing scales and working on my flat-picking exercises. These days I really don't practice much (even though I know I should) but spend time writing and trying to move in different directions with music.

Favorite Artist(s):
Wow this list could get long! Here's the short list: Steve Morse, Tribal Tech, Brett Garsed, Michael Hedges, Alex Degrassi, Jethro Tull, Chris Cornell, Sarah Mclachlan.

Is there anything else you want people to know about you, your playing style or your views on today's music in general?
My acoustic music is simple, yet melodic and thought provoking (or so I've been told). The style I've developed was born from the music so I really never studied a 'technique' or anything like that. I work pretty hard all the time trying to move in different directions musically.

I'm not really into today's music. It seems like it's all 'canned templates' of earlier music over the last 10 years. It doesn't seem to change much. There really aren't any truly groundbreaking artists, and there hasn't been for a long time. At least that's my view.

Luckily there is still groundbreaking music being made if you know where to look.
Check out Greg's website
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